IDMED, a French company working with Medtra across GCC. IDMED is based in Marseille, develops and markets innovative medical devices in the fields of anesthesia and intensive care. Our products are used worldwide in operating theaters, intensive care units, neuro-ophthalmological consultations and research laboratories.

Our products are commonly used in the areas of pupillometry, neuromuscular blockade monitoring and analgesia monitoring.

  • Algiscan

    The integrated lighting system offers the possibility to do the routine check of the pupil size and reactivity with reliable measurements.The AlgiScan is a portable and intuitive device for the assessment of patient analgesia in all situations.

    Analgesia level assessment
    Pupil size & reactivity measurement
    Immediate clinical interpretation

  • Neurolight

    NeuroLight is an Ideal Neurological Diagnostic Tool:
    Reliable, Accessible and Non-Invasive

    Precise measurement of pupil size (miosis/mydriasis)
    Quantitative measurement of the PhotoMotor Reflex (qPLR)
    Detection of anisocoria
    Visualisation of trends for early change detection

  • ToFscan

    Enjoy unique clinical benefits of the ToFscan, an easy-to-use 3D-AMG TOF monitor and used worldwide in thousands of operating theaters and intensive care units for almost 10 years

    Precise and objective measures
    Three-dimensional accelerometer (3D-AMG)
    ATP automatic mode (TOF/PTC)
    No calibration required

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