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Sludge Judge® Collection Tools

Sludge Judge® Collection Tools

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Get the most accurate readings of settle-able solids of 5% or less in a variety of liquids with Whirl-Pak’s Sludge Judge® tools.

Find the right fit for your needs in our Sludge Judge series. Whether you need the complete unit or a replacement part, we have the size you need for a cost-and-time-efficient solution. The Sludge Judge and Sludge Judge II differ in diameter. SJ II offers an additional .25″, and while the Sludge Judge Ultra is comparable in size to the original Sludge Judge, it is differentiated by the polycarbonate treatment. Sludge Judge Ultra is treated with an ultraviolet stabilizer to help reduce deterioration from the sun’s harmful rays.

Features for your Benefit:

  • Strength
    • The unmatched strength of Sludge judge sections provide samplers a tool they can trust with no cracks and minimal bend
  • Quick Connect
    • Quickly connect and reorganize sections to fit your needs
  • Intentional Design
    • The valve located in the bottom section of the Sludge Judge is consistent allows samplers in the field update their records quickly and efficiently

Additional Product Information:

  • Do not use for sampling ethanol or ethanol blended fuel
  • Not autoclavable
  • One year warranty
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